Follow the rules to rearrange the 10 columns of cards and remove columns of cards when they contain all of the cards of the same suit from Ace to King. The goal is to remove all of the cards.


Card movement rules

You can move a card to the bottom of a column if its value is one less than the current bottom card.
You can move groups of cards if they are of the same suit and their numbers are sequential.
You can move any card to a column that has run out of cards.

Select the deck in the lower right to deal one card to the bottom of each column.
However, you cannot deal cards if there are any empty columns.

If you create a series of cards of the same suit in order from Ace to King, you can remove that series of cards from the column.

Conditions for winning

Win by removing all of the cards from the columns.


Easy Use only eight sets of spade cards.
Medium Use four sets of spade cards and four sets of heart cards.
Difficult Use two sets of all suits.

How to operate

Move cards by dragging and dropping.

You can check the suit of cards hidden behind other cards by clicking or tapping them.