The goal of the game is to rearrange the cards following the rules of the game to line up the cards of each suitsequentially from Ace to King.


Card movement rules

If one of the four spaces above is empty, you can move an Ace card there. If there is already a card in one of the spaces, you can place the next highest card of the same suit on top of it.

You can group cards that are in play in descending, sequential order, alternating black and red. You can move groups of cards stacked this way together. You can move a King to any column that has run out of cards.

Select the deck to display either the top card or the top three cards in the deck. You can move the top card that has been turned face up.

Conditions for winning

Win by moving all of the cards to the four spaces at the top.

How to operate

Move cards by dragging and dropping. You can also move by clicking or touching the card.

Press the Auto button and the cards that can be moved will move automatically.