This is a card game for one player. The goal of the game is to carefully use the spaces where cards can be placed freely in order to arrange all of the cards in numerical order.


Card movement rules

You can move the card on the bottom of each column.
You can move a card to the bottom of a column if its value is one less than the current bottom card and it is of the opposite color.
You can move any card to a column that has run out of cards.

You can freely place one card at a time into each of the four spaces at in the upper left. Cards that have been placed there can be moved to the eight columns below or to the spaces in the upper right.

In the upper right spaces, stack cards of the same suit in ascending sequential order starting with Ace. Once you move cards here, they cannot be moved any more.

Conditions for winning

Win by moving all of the cards to the four spaces in the upper right.

Moving multiple cards

You may only move one card at a time. However, you may move stacks of cards that are in numerical order and alternate between black and red all at once, as long as it would be possible to move them one at a time.

How to operate

Move cards by dragging and dropping. You can also move by clicking or touching the card.