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The game starts with the person who has the 2 of clubs.




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How to play


In this game, cards are played one by one and the person who plays the strongest card wins all of the cards. Heart cards and the Queen of spades are minus points, so the goal is to take as few of them as possible.


How the game works

Start by exchanging cards. Select three cards that you do not need from your hand and give them to another player. Then, receive three cards from another player. (There are some rounds where no cards are exchanged.)

Players play cards in order, starting with the player who has the 2 of clubs. After the first player plays a card, the other players must play cards of the same suit. However, if a player has no cards in that suit, the player may play any card.

After all players have played one card, the player who played the strongest card wins all of the cards that were played in that round. Then, the player who won the round plays the next starting card and the play continues in the same way, with each player playing one card.

The hand is complete when all of the cards have been played. Count up the point value of the cards that each player has won. The game finishes when a player's score goes below a certain value. At that time, the player with the score closest to 0 is the winner.

Card strengths

Cards of the same suit as the starting card are stronger than cards of other suits.
The strengths of cards in the same suit are in order as follows.
A K Q J 10 9 8 7 6 5 4 3 2

Card point values

Heart cards -1
The Queen of spades -13

Shooting the moon

If a player gets all of the negative point cards (all of the heart cards and the Queen of spades), their score does not go down, and all other players are given -26 points.

How to operate

To exchange cards, select the three cards you want to exchange with the other player and press the "Exchange" button.

When it is your turn, select one card at a time from your hand to play it.